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We provide full-range service to Define, Develop and Support software projects. Whether you have the full product specification or only the business idea, we can turn your project concept into reality. We will analyze your project in order to define goals and plan a detailed roadmap to reach those goals. Then we will develop it.

Our proven step-by-step methodology helps us maintain accurate development schedules and documentation of development. See for yourself the level of detail and professionalism that goes into each stage of development.

Zeninteraktiv aims to provide the best offshore software development services that deliver robust, scalable, and cost - effective software solutions. A team of top class professionals offers you proven expertise to ensure the quality and reliability of the products we develop for you. We emphasize meeting the unique business needs of our customers.

If your company doesn’t specialize in software production but needs software designed or needs the functionality of existing software, then Zeninteraktiv can help you to focus on your core business. Our offshore development capabilities meet the needs of clients across many different industries.

We also leverage the IT resources of software companies that need to lower costs of software production. Zeninteraktiv can manage your product from conception to production, from in-depth technical assessments to full software development and implementation. We can even continue designing your own project from any stage, and test, tune and maintain it.

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